Documentation and Support

We will try to support you, should you choose to use Fluidity. Our ethos is to also educate our users, so we provide documentation and support in several ways described below.

User Manual

The Fluidity manual is a comprehensive document describing the installation procedure, the equations and their numerical approximation, various parameterisations and embedded models, meshing and adaptive re-meshing and how to configure Fluidity, visualisation of Fluidity output.

The Fluidity manuals are accesible as PDF files through Figshare. We have chosen a popular online digital repository as it allows us to obtain a Digital Object Identification (DOI) for the manual, making it citable. The manual is written using LaTeX and the code is distributed with the rest of the Fluidity code.

The manual of the latest version Fluidity (v4.1.12) is available here. The manuals of earlier versions can be located here, as well as information on the manual source code.


The Fluidity wiki is an on-line resource which addresses issues that are routinely encountered during Fluidity installation and use.

Mailing List

The Fluidity electronic mailing list can be used to submit questions on Fluidity. To post a question send an email to All posts are archived, but to access the archive you must first subscribe to the list. Following subscription you can search the archives. Please be courteous in your posts and do not attach large files.

Fluidity Workshop

A three day course is held once a year, covering Fluidity installation, Finite element basics, Numerical considerations, Meshing, Setting up & running simulations and Visualising results. We try to cater for audiences with a broad spectrum of experience in all aspects of computational science. The workshop is held typically during November, at Imperial College London. If there is high demand we will consider organising additional workshops at other locations. Contact Matthew Piggott with any queries.

The last workshop was held 11-13 November 2015. View the schedule here. The 2016 workshop is currently being planned.